Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register?

    No registration is required.

  2. How do I submit a paper/panel proposal?

    The submission deadline has now passed.

  3. How do I subscribe to the lassnet mailing list?

    Please email lassnet [at] gmail [dot] com with a brief bio and description of research interests.

  4. I am not presenting a paper but I want to participate in the LASS conference. What is the procedure?

    You are welcome to participate in the conference. There is no registration fee. The conference organisers cannot provide for your accommodation or travel.

  5. Should I carry my coat? How cold will Delhi be in January?

    Please carry woollens, and even a hot water bottle, if you cannot stand winters – we do not have central heating and Delhi can be very cold at this time of the year.

  6. Is there anything I should know when I plan my itinerary?

    Please factor in the possibility of fog which often delays flights when you plan your itinerary.

  7. Safety issues

    Please be mindful of the fact that Delhi is an unsafe city especially for women. In order to understand the culture of protest against “eve teasing” or sexual harassment, especially in public spaces, please visit Safe Delhi and Blank Noise.