The idea of LASS

The Centre for the Study of Law and Governance (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi) has initiated the establishment of the "Law and Social Sciences Research Network" in order to bring together scholars, lawyers and doctoral researchers engaged in research and teaching of issues of law in different social sciences in contemporary South Asian contexts. We believe that the critical work that has emerged from different institutional locations and theoretical frameworks, has yet to find a common forum which can act as a medium for exchange of ideas, work, materials, pedagogies and aspirations for the way law, regulation and society as objects of research as well as sites of praxis have been envisaged variously. The attempt of this network is to create a forum for academics, researchers, and lawyers to interact with each other to find productive conversations with each other as well as enhance these conversations into future directions that law and social sciences scholarship in India might mature into.

CSLG proposes to host the network in its formative stages. The first organisational phase entails inviting academics, researchers and lawyers to participate in the formation of the network. Once we hear from you, we will add your name on our e-group list.

Although the initiative is located in CSLG during its formative phases, we would like very much for everyone to volunteer to host the network in their institutions in years to come. We wish to organise annual conferences, take the idea of publishing a series of volumes seriously as well participate in conferences elsewhere by putting up panels borne from our conversations. We also wish to disseminate teaching materials, design syllabi and share pedagogic experiences.

We would be delighted if you were to send us names and emails of those you think might want to join this network. We hope that people will also share their work, and ideas.CSLG also has a library that has put together important texts on law and social science scholarship. This network could use the archives at CSLG meaningfully as well as enhance it. If you would like to be part of LASS, please send your contact details and short bio to lassnet [at] gmail [dot] com.