Top 5 WhatsApp Business API Providers in India 2024

Top 5 WhatsApp Business API Providers in India

WhatsApp Business API has become a potent tool for communication as companies look for new ways to engage with their customers.

It is a well-liked option among companies wishing to engage with customers in real-time, with over 1.5 billion users globally.

The importance of a website ranked by an SEO service increases, even more, when your visitors’ queries are answered on the spot.

You can integrate WhatsApp into your website via WhatsApp API to solve this.

Millions of individuals use WhatsApp in India, making it the perfect platform for businesses to interact with their clients.

The top 5 WhatsApp Business API providers in India that may assist companies in establishing a seamless communication channel with their clients are examined in this article.

List of Best WhatsApp Business API Providers in India

Ai Sensy Your Complete WhatsApp Engagement Platform

Ai Sensy holds the number #1 position in our article “Top 5 WhatsApp Business API Providers in India”.

The reason is that we are using their services; believe me, those are amazing and satisfying.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), the new platform Ai Sensy offers organizations a smart customer support solution that can assist companies in automating customer support processes and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Ai Sensy provides a chatbot solution that may be tailored to a company’s unique requirements.

The chatbot can answer common questions, give clients product details, and even give advice.

Customer support agents may now manage more complicated inquiries and respond to customers more quickly as a result.

Additionally, the platform is very expandable, making it appropriate for companies of all sizes.

Ai Sensy can offer a cost-effective and successful customer care solution to any company, regardless of how established they are or how many customers they have.

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Key Features of Ai Sensy

Automated Campaigns: Launch targeted campaigns with personalized messages, ensuring high engagement rates.

Intuitive Chatbots: Deploy AI-driven chatbots that handle queries round the clock, enhancing customer support.

Rich Media Support: Send images, videos, and documents to provide a comprehensive service experience.

Seamless Integrations: Easily integrates with CRM systems, ensuring a unified customer view.

Ai Sensy Customer Care Number

Mobile & Whatsapp: +917303129399

WATI Whatsapp API Business Solution

WATI is a communications platform that offers APIs for phone, video, and message.

It is a well-known WhatsApp Business API provider in India with an emphasis on giving businesses a straightforward and user-friendly platform to communicate with their clients.

WATI provides several capabilities, including statistics, media sharing, message templates, and two-way messaging.

Additionally, it offers an intuitive dashboard that enables companies to keep tabs on message activity and track performance indicators.

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Interakt Whatsapp Business API Provider

If you’re an Indian business owner seeking a WhatsApp Business API supplier who provides all-inclusive communication solutions to help you communicate with your clients, Interakt might be a source to take into consideration.

Interakt is a cloud-based platform for client engagement and communications that integrates the WhatsApp Business API in addition to a number of other channels.

With the help of Interakt’s integration of the WhatsApp Business API, companies may use the messaging app to connect with clients instantly.

This includes tools like chatbots, media sharing, message templates, and two-way chatting.

Additionally, Interakt offers a user-friendly dashboard that enables companies to monitor their message activity and performance indicators.

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A cloud communications platform called Twilio offers APIs for audio, video, and messaging communication.

It is also one of India’s most well-liked WhatsApp Business API providers. A dependable infrastructure that can manage large volumes of messages is provided by Twilio.

Additionally, it offers tools like media sharing, message templates, and two-way messaging.

Businesses can measure their performance indicators and keep an eye on their messaging activities with Twilio thanks to its user-friendly interface.


Gupshup’s message, audio, and video APIs are popular. Businesses can automate customer chats with Gupshup chatbots.

Two-way messaging, message templates, media sharing, and chatbots enable businesses to connect with customers.

Gupshup’s intuitive dashboard lets organizations track messaging activity and performance indicators.

Businesses may analyze their messaging performance, including sending, delivering, and reading messages, using the platform.

This data optimizes messaging efforts and consumer communication.

Gupshup is a trustworthy, scalable platform that helps businesses communicate with customers.

Chatbots and analytics help firms optimize message campaigns and customer communication.


WhatsApp Business API helps businesses connect with customers.

Ai Sensy, WATI, Interakt, Twilio, and Gupshup, are the top 5 WhatsApp Business API providers in India, offering trustworthy and scalable platforms to help businesses communicate with clients.

But AI Sensy stands out for its cutting-edge AI technology.

AI Sensy’s chatbots can understand and answer customer questions in a human-like way because they can handle natural language.

This gives customers a more personalized experience.

AI Sensy also has tools like support for multiple languages, message templates, and real-time analytics that make it a flexible and useful business messaging platform.

Overall, AI Sensy is one of the best options for businesses that want to use the WhatsApp Business API to build a strong line of contact with their customers.

Businesses can choose a service that meets their goals and budget to streamline customer communication.

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